artist | designer | creative thinker

My mother was an art teacher when I was young; I attribute the bulk of my talent to her encouragement and shared creativity.  At an early age, I helped her plan projects for the classroom and tote supplies to summer camp.  I’m pretty sure I knew how to batik by the age of four.

My father was a carpenter.  Our garage was his shop and the scent of sawdust has been a favorite since before I could talk, I am sure.  Inherently, his craftsmanship genes are the reason I like those funny flat pencils and I like to build things.

My passion for design was  inspired by my mom, who made it her career choice when I was an impressionable teen.  I took every art class my schools offered and I never met a medium I did not like.

I developed a strong liking for printmaking in high school and honed my craft further in my college art curriculum.  However, what quickly became my most favorite course — metalsmithing — has stayed with me and fuels my zeal for jewelry design to this day.

Having always been rather curious, I enjoy imagining how things are made and knowing which tools perform which tasks.  I tinker and experiment with various materials and processes.  It excites me to envision a final product, sketch it out, and then construct it.

I once asked for an electric sander for my birthday.  I have wielded three torches at once with a lathe of warm glass in front of me.  I have sewn a dress from scratch in less than twenty four hours.  And I most certainly own more art supplies than shoes.


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